Banana Farming: Soil, Variety, Distance And Profit

Banana Farming

Banana is one of the most loved fruit. Banana farming is popular all over the world  as it has high market demand and many health benefits.

Many people want to start their own Banana farming. But, the lack different knowledge on How to start Banana farming.

In this blog we are going to guide on how to start your own banana farming in detail.

Banana farming has become one of the most adopted business in agriculture because:-

✓The market of banana is good  all round the year.

✓The investment is low whereas profit is high in banana farming.

✓Banana contains many good nutritional values. So, the demand is high.

✓We can harvest the banana for about 7 times by planting only once.

✓The maturing and harvesting period of banana is short.

✓It can be cultivated in most of the climatic condition and soil.

✓The problem of disease in banana farming is less.

Variety Selection

Selection of good variety is most important task while starting banana farming. Our production and profit depends upon the variety that we select for cultivation.

We have listed some of the good commercial varieties of Banana which have good production and taste:-

5.Red Banana
6.Dwarf cavendish
8.Lady finger banana
9.Grand Nain


Planting Season

The planting season for Banana is February and June.If You have good irrigation facility, then only you start in February. If there is not proper irrigation facility, then you should plant in june.


The pH of soil should (6-7.5).  Loamy soil rich in organic matter with good drainage is considered good for banana farming.


The temperature requirement for banana farming is (20-40)°C. High temperature is very bad for banana. Due to high temperature, we can see burning problems and growth stops in banana which greatly reduces our production.

Planting Distance And Area

The number of plants that we can plant in 1 acre area depends upon the plant-plant and row-row distance and this distance also depends on variety. On an average, the plant-plant and row-row distance is:-

➡️Plant-Plant Distance
4ft, 5ft and 6ft

➡️Row-Row Distance
6ft, 7ft, 8ft

➡️The best planting distance for almost all variety of banana is (4×8)ft.

On an average, we can plant about 900 plants/acre. Some people plant more trees in same area, but the production is not good and more management is required.The good spacing help in passing of air.


We plant banana by making bunds or by making ridges and furrows. In this case, drip irrigation is best method to irrigate bananas.

It is good to lay drip pipes on both sides of tree. This will make the roots strong and tree needs less support.

Drip irrigation also helps in fertigation process.Other method of irrigation is flooding method. In this method, we deliver water to the plants through furrows.



We should give initial doses of 19-19-19for (2-3) times.  After the application of 19-19-19 doses, we should apply potassium(K).

The use of fertilizers makes the stem and base of plant more wider and stronger. The amount of fertilizer is 10Kg for 1 acre and frequency is 2 times/month.

Note:-Some farmer got the problem of uneven height of banana trees in same field.
This problem arises because:-

People give same doses of fertilizer to all plants. So, we should give extra drenching(fertilizers) to small height bananas.


The flowering of banana starts after 6 to 7 months of planting. After 3 months of flowering, fruiting occurs.

So, we can start harvesting banana after 10 months of plantation.

We can harvest for about 5 times after one plantation.

Care And Management

We should do proper care during initial growth phase. We should check its growth and proper fertilizer should be applied.

When banana fruits, we should cover entire fruit with plastic. This will protect banana from insect mainly from mosquito.

The benefit of doing this is the quality if banana is very good and we can get good amount of money in market.

Note:- We should make small holes in plastic. This will ensure the flow of air up to banana fruit.

The leaves which get dry should be cut off and can be put in furrows between two ridges.

Sometimes, we need to stake the plant if it fruits many and becomes heavy.


At initial phase we face the problem of blight. The leaves becomes yellow and burning is seen in edge of leaves. This is caused by sigatoka  virus.

After flowering and fruiting we may face the problem of mosquito. For this covering should be done.

Another disease in banana is its roots are attacked by fungus. To prevent this we can use different fungicides. We can also add sulphur which also acts as fungicide. The extra benefit we get by the application of sulphur is it maintains heat in soil.

Investment And Income

On an average from buying seedling, planting, care and management to harvesting at once, we need to invest about 2 lakhs/acre.

If we talk about income, we can earn up to (8-9) lakhs/acre if we produce good  quality bananas.

Note:- All the money is in indian currency.



The market of bananas is good in all seasons. The main thing is there is always compition in market.

We can sell bananas according to their weight. We can earn good profit if we become able to grow good length bananas.

Buyers directly comes and visit our field and buy our production.

Tip:- We should invite many buyers  and should sell to one who gives highest rate. This will increase our profit.

This is whole information on Banana Farming-Variety, Soil, Income, Management And Marketing.

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