Kalimati Tarkari Rate Today (Vegetable Price)

Kalimati Tarkari Rate Kalimati vegetable market, Balkhu, Kathmandu was established in 2043-3-15 B.S by the then Food And Agriculture Market Service Division. Later, This place becomes famous and different farmers from neighbouring districts started to sell Vegetables and Fruits from there. The flow of customers was also increasing rapidly. So – To manage Kalimati Tarkari … Read more

Distinguish Between Subsistence Farming And Intensive Farming

Farming is the process of growing crops, livestock, aquatic organisms and poultry birds to fulfil the hunger demand of the world. During primitive times, there were traditional methods of farming that gradually improved to subsistence, intensive and sustainable farming. As society progresses, Capitalism emerges which creates marketing opportunities and any product can be sold at … Read more

Broadcasting Method Of Sowing In Agriculture

Broadcasting Method Of Sowing Seeds Seeds are the source of our food. They are sown in soil. After germination, POP is practiced for the growth of crops and finally harvesting is done. There are different methods of sowing seeds. Among all Broadcasting method is the most common and convenient. That’s why, Billions of farmers are … Read more

How To Grow Tomatoes At Home From Seeds

How To Grow Tomatoes At Home? Everyone loves tomatoes. It is an indispensable part of our Kitchen. Tomato is one of the popular vegetables that is used around the globe for salads, sandwiches, sauces, ketchups and for many other recipes.   Everyday we need to go to the market and buy Tomatoes. We are unaware … Read more

Mushroom Farming In Nepal

Mushroom farming in Nepal is increasing at rapid pace and has helped many youths to start their own business. Nepal, Being an agricultural country its  majority of population(66%) is engaged in agriculture. Despite of  this much population involved in agriculture,the domestic production  does not meet the annual demand of the country and  import of food … Read more

Sagwan Tree: Ultimate Informational Guide By Expert

Sagwan Tree Farming is in growing trend all over the world as it’s demand is increasing day by day in National and International market. Sagwan is known as Teak in English. Sagwan Tree From this growing trend countries like India and Nepal also can’t get untouched for long time.   Sagwan tree is one of … Read more

Traditional Farming Methods-Traditional Farmers Information

Traditional farming is the ancient or subsistence farming system which generally uses primitive agricultural techniques like Animal Powers, Indigenous Tools And Organic Fertilizers  to perform agricultural works. In this article-we are going to dicuss everything about Traditonal Farming Methods – Traditional Farmers Information in detail. So – Read Till End.   Traditional Farming Methods Traditional … Read more

Pineapple Farming : Ultimate Successful Guide

The market demand and price of pineapple is attractive, So many people are thinking of starting a commercial pineapple farming. If you are also one of them who is looking for a detailed guide on cultivation practices in Pineapple farm, then, You are at right article my friend.   Pineapple is full of pleasent aroma … Read more