Mushroom Farming In Nepal

Mushroom farming in Nepal is increasing at rapid pace and has helped many youths to start their own business. Nepal, Being an agricultural country its  majority of population(66%) is engaged in agriculture. Despite of  this much population involved in agriculture,the domestic production  does not meet the annual demand of the country and  import of food … Read more

All About Teak Wood Farming

All About Teak Wood Farming

Introduction:- Teak Farming is in growing trend all over the world as it’s demand is increasing day by day in National and International market. From this growing trend Nepal also can’t get untouched for long time. Teak farming in Nepal is gaining popularity day by day.   Teak plant is one of the fast growing … Read more

Traditonal Farming Methods-Traditional Farmers Information

What Is Traditional Farming? Traditional farming is the ancient or subsistance farming system which generally uses primitive agricultural techniques like Animal Powers, Indigenous Tools And Organic Fertilizers  to perform agricultural works. In this article-we are going to dicuss everything about Traditonal Farming Methods-Traditional Farmers Information in detail. So-Read Till End.   Traditional Farming Explantion Traditional … Read more

Pineapple Farming, Cultivation Techniques – A Complete Guide

Pineapple Farming, Cultivation Techniques - A Complete Guide

Pineapple is full of pleasent aroma which taste sweet and sour. It has great health benefits and high market value.So, pineapple Farming is getting popular all over the world. Pineapple is shrub of family Bromeliaceae. The scientific name of pineapple is Ananas comosus. The skin of pineapple is rough and prickly and called rind. The … Read more

All About Avocado Farming- Profits And Benefits

Avocado Farming ☑️Avocado(Persea americana) is one of the tastiest fruit which has lots of health benefits. In present scenario, the demand of avocado fruit is increasing all over the world because people have got idea about its benefits and its taste. Avocado has saturated carbohydrate, fats, vitamins and other different minerals. Avocado is also known … Read more

Honey Bee Farming- Setup, Techniques And Earnings

Honey Bee ☑️Bee is social insect whose hardworking habit has become the inspiration for human also. Bee helps in different natural phenomena such as pollination and maintains the balance in nature. Nowadays many people are highly interested in Bee farming because of its multipurpose benefits. Honey Bee Farming We can earn good amount of income … Read more