Kalimati Tarkari Rate

Kalimati vegetable market, Balkhu, Kathmandu was established in 2043-3-15 B.S by the then Food And Agriculture Market Service Division. Later, This place becomes famous and different farmers from neighbouring districts started to sell Vegetables and Fruits from there. The flow of customers was also increasing rapidly. So – To manage Kalimati Tarkari Bajar in more organized way, Government of Nepal and UNCDF constructed different structures to sell all the fruits and vegetables.

Kalimati Tarkari Rate
Kalimati Tarkari Market

Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal. The population density in the city is very high and Kalimati vegetable market supply most of the vegetables and Fruits requirements.  The Kalimati Tarkari Rate is fixed everyday and all the local sellers need to sell the vegetables with that updated price.

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We have tried to include the Kalimati Vegetable Price up to today. The rate here is added from official website. The vegetables prices are given below:-

This is the Kalimati Tarkari Rate. You can filter the expensive and cheap vegetables from the table filter.

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