Queen Of Vegetables

Vegetables are idespensible part of our life. We include them in our daily diet and it is impossible to survive without vegetables. There are many vegetables, we know them by their common name. But, There are some famous names of crops. Some vegetables are given other famous name or title. So, In all vegetables – We have our Queen of Vegetables. Do you which vegetable is Queen vegetable? You don’t know? Don’t worry- Here is the answer:-

Okra commonly known as Lady’s finger is Queen of Vegetables.

Queen Of Vegetables, Okra

The scientific name of Okra is Abelmoschus esculentus. It is one of the most loved vegetable in the world. The plant is of medium size which produce many okra fruits. It is rich in Vitamin, Minerals, Anti-oxidants and Fiber. The plant is cultivated in Tropical, Sub-tropical and Warm Temperate region.


The Botanical Classification Of Queen Of Vegetables, Okra is given below:-

Phylum: Angiosperms
Species:A. esculentus

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