All About Avocado Farming- Profits And Benefits

Avocado Farming

☑️Avocado(Persea americana) is one of the tastiest fruit which has lots of health benefits.

In present scenario, the demand of avocado fruit is increasing all over the world because people have got idea about its benefits and its taste.

Avocado has saturated carbohydrate, fats, vitamins and other different minerals.

Avocado is also known by its another name called “Butter Fruit” and looks like pear fruit.

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Avocado Farming

It has dark green colour of outer fleshy and tasty cover while from inside it contains seed.

Avocado is said to be originated from central America and Mexico. Mexico is still the world’s leading country in Avocado production.

Why Avocado Farming Is Profitable?

✔️The world market value of avocado farming is  13B  USD.

✔️Avocado has many health benefits due to which its demand is increasing worldwide and production is low.

✔️One tree can give production up to 1000kg and can be harvested for 50 days.

✔️Avocado can be grown in wide range climate and soil.

✔️The growing of  avocado is easy and can be done in small area also.

In this blog, we have provided detailed information on avocado farming and profits that we can made from avocado farming.

    So, let’s get started….

    Variety Selection

    Selection of good variety is most important task that grower should keep in their mind while starting avocado cultivation.

    You can buy avocado tree directly from market and online but it is recommend to buy avocado from different companies certified by government.

    Some of the good varieties for commercial avocado farming are:-

    ✓Lamb Hass

    Hass variety is mostly cultivated(80%) because of its different benefits like:-

    ◾It is more tastier than other variety.

    ◾Outer cover of avocado is thick. So, it can be stored for long time and can be easily transported.

    Growing method

    Avocado can be grown by sexually by seeds and asexually by grafting and air layering.

    Growing avocado tree from seeds takes time. It takes up to 5 years to start fruiting.

    On other hand, if we grow from grafting or air layering, then avocado tree grows faster and we can start harvesting its fruits in about


    We can cultivate avocado in almost all types of soil.

    Soil rich in clay is considered  good for avocado farming provided that there is good drainage system. Water logging should be avoided.

    Soil should be tested before planting avocado tree and pH of (5-7) should be maintained.

    Red soil is not good for avocado farming.


    Avocado grows well in that area where there is rainfall of about 100cm per year.

    Rainfall is considered good for avocado farming.

    Climate And Temperature

    Avocado farming is mostly grown in tropical and sub-tropical climate where there is moderate humidity.

    Best Temperature requirement for avocado tree is (20-30)°C and humidity should be about (50-60)%.

    We can grow avocado in low temperature also. We can grown to about 5°C. Below this temperature, chilling effects are seen on flowers and fruits and we can’t get good harvest.

    Also, It cannot be grown in temperature of 40°C and above and dry air also negatively affects avocado tree.

    If we talk about height, we can do avocado farming at the altitude of 2500m from sea level.

    Planting Distance 

    While planting avocado, we should make pits of about (3×3) foot  and planting distance should be (8-10) meter maintained.


    We can use organic maure and also vermicompost in avocado planting.

    It is recommend to use 50% soil and 50% compost while planting avocado tree.

    We can also apply N, P, K fertilizers according to age of plant in following amount:-

    Age(Years)           N:P:K(gm)                Compost
    (1-3)                       40:20:35                   25Kg
    (4-6)                       75:35:60                   35Kg
    (7-10)                    150:35:125              40kg
    >10                         200:45:165              50kg


    After planting avocado, we should provide attention on irrigation in 1st week. We should irrigate daily in 1st week of plantation.

    After tree grows to some height, we should irrigate once a week.


    In the area of avocado plantation, we can plant other early maturing crops like ginger, tomato, turmeric,  radish.

    Intercropping also helps to make soil more porous and fertile.


    We can harvest avocado for long time about (50-100) years from single tree.

    We can harvest minimum 500 kg and 1000kg avocado from 1 tree.

    While harvesting we should harvest fruit along with its stalk due to which it can be stored for long time.

    Investment And Income

    Main  investment lies in land, seedling of avocado, Management practices, Fertilizers and some of expense lies in marketing amd export of avocado.

    We can buy seedling from market amd even from online.

    We can sell avocado at market price of (1$-5$) per kg depending upon variety and demand.

    The demand of avocado is increasing day by day. We can sell avocado easily with good profit.

    We can export avocado in different countries and can generate good income.

    Benefits Of Avocado

    🔹Eating one avocado regularly will reduce cholesterol level.

    🔹Avocado helps to reduce high blood pressure and it is good for heart.

    🔹Avocado has fibers so it reduces weight and is also good for piles.

    🔹Avocado has anti-oxidants which helps to make our eyesight good.

    🔹Avocado can also prevent fatal disease link cancer.

    🔹It is good for liver and prevents gastric.

    This is whole information on Avocado Farming And Its Benefits.

    If you have any suggestions, do let us know in comments below.


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