King/Queen/Famous/Alternative Name Of Agriculture Crops

Crops from all Fruits, Vegetables and Cereal has given some kind of alternative and famous name that makes them easy to identify from others. These names are given on the basis of different factors such as their use, how consumes it, their appearance, their taste and comparison with another. Such names are like king and queen of something. So – Here, we have listed all the famous Names of Fruits, Vegetables and Cereals.

King Of Cereal = Wheat

King Of Coarse Cereal = Sorghum

Queen Of Cereal= Maize

King Of Oilseed= Mustard

Queen Of Oilseed= Sesame

King Of Vegetable= Brinjal

Queen Of Vegetable= Okra

King Of Fruits= Mango

King Of Arid Fruits= Ber

King Of Temperate Fruit= Apple

Queen Of Fruits= Litchi

King Of Forest= Teak

King Of Pluses= Chickpea

Queen Of Pulses= Pea

King Of Spices= Black Pepper

Queen Of Spices= Cardamom

King Of Fodder Crops= Berseem

Queen Of Fodder Crop= Lucerne

King Of Nuts= Walnut

Queen Of Nuts= Pecanut

King Of Flower= Rose

Queen Of Flower=

Botanical Name Of Crops: Crop Scientific Name

Which Fruit Is Called Queen Of Fruits In India?


These are the King and Queen of some Agricultural crops. Lets, learn some different names for different crops:-

White Gold= Cotton

Backbone= Maize

Wonder Crop= Soyabean

Apple Of Paradise= Banana

Apple Of Tropic= Guava

Star Apple= Phalsa

Tree Of Heaven= Coconut

Five Corner Fruit= Carambola

Butter Fruit= Avocado

Adam’s Fig= Banana

Poor’s Man Organe= Tomato

Poor’s Man Apple= Guava

Kalpa Virksha= Coconut

Green Gold= Bamboo

Blanket Flower= Gaillardia

Miracle Fruit= Kiwi

Monkey Jack= Jackfruit

Goldmine Of West Land= Cashew

Fancy Fruit= Mandarin

Black Plum= Jamun

Indian Gooseberry= Anola

Wolf Apple= Tomato

Butter Bean= Lima Bean

Egg Plant= Brinjal

Vegetable Of 20 Century= Winged Bean

Potato Bean= Yam Bean

Vegetable Of Immense Value= Pumpkin

Swiss Chord= Palak

Beetleaf= Palak

Horse Raddish Tree= Drumstick

Blacked Eye Pea= Cowpea

Wholesome Food= Muskmelon

Lover’s Chain= Coral Vine

Schlor’s Tree= Ashok

Bodhi Tree= Pipal

Peacock Flower= Gulmohar

Blue Gum= Safeda

Pigeon Berry= Duranta

Poorman’s Orchid= Schizanthus

Star Flower= Phlox


Final Verdict

Thus- These were the king and queen of different agricultural crops as well as some famous name for different crops.

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