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Trees Name In Tamil:- Tamil is one of the most talked language in the world. Around 77 million has Tamil as a common tongue. That means, 5.70% of total world population. This population lives in South India. So – It is better to know the trees name in Tamil. It can help one when he/she has to work in South India. OR, You just want to know trees name in tamil for learning purpose, then – You are at right place.

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The tamil name for the word ‘Tree’ is மரங்கள் which is pronounced as Maraṅkaḷ or Maram. Lots of Tamil speaking people put their name as Maram.

Here, In this article, We have listed trees name in tamil. English to Tamil trees name. The list is given below 👇

Trees Name In EnglishTrees Name In Tamil
Almond TreeVaadumai Maram
Apple TreeSeemai illanthai Maram
Arecanut TreePakku Maram
Babul TreeVilva Maram
Ashoka TreeAshoka Maram
Bael TreeVilva Maram
Banyan TreeAala Maram
Bamboo TreeMoongil Maram
Casuarina TreeSavukka Maram
Cedar TreeThevthaaru Maram
Chincona TreeSinkona Maram
Coconut TreeThennai Maram
Columbia TreeNila Vembu Maram
Cork TreeThakkai Maram
Curry Leaf TreeKarivepalai Maram
Cypress TreePunga Maram
Date TreeYeecha Maram
Ebony TreeKarunkali Maram
Eucalyptus TreeThaila Maram
Fig TreeAthi Maram
Gooseberry TreeNelli Maram
Guava TreeKoiya Maram
Indiacoral TreeKalyana Murungai Maram
Jackfruit TreePala Maram
Jambolana TreeNaaga Maram
Jujube Treeillanthai Maram
Laurel TreePunnai Maram
Lemon TreeYellumachi Maram
Mango TreeMamaram
Margosa TreeVeppa Maram
Morinda TreeNoona Maram
Moringa TreeMurungai Maram
Mowa Treeillupai Maram
Negunda TreeMochi Maram
Nux Vomica TreeYetti Maram
Oak TreeKaruvali Maram
Olive TreeOlive Maram
Palmyra TreePanai Maram
Peepul TreeArasa Maram
Plantain TreeVazhai Maram
Rain TreeThoongu Moonchi Maram
Red cotton Treeillava Maram
Rose TreeNooka Maram
Rubber TreeRubber Maram
Sandal TreeSanthana Maram
Suma TreeVanni Maram
Tamarind TreePuliya Maram
Teak TreeThekku Maram
Tulip TreePoovarasa Maram

Final Verdict

Thus – These were some of the tress name in tamil. These tress are most common and can be found anywhere especially in South India. Hope this article help you out.


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