King Of Fruits In India

Mango, widely cultivated and popular for its unique sweet taste is king of fruits in India. In fact, It is national fruit of India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Mango is fruit of tropics and sub-tropics. Not only india, Mango is generally called as king of fruits. It has green colour at early stage which turns to yellow when riped. The aroma of mango is so pleasent that, it is impossible to resist us from eating the fruit.


King Of Fruits In India
King Of Fruits In India



Though, Its is well known for its flavour, Mango also has great nutritional value. It contains:-

✓105 calories
✓76% of the recommended daily dosage of ✓vitamin C
✓25% of the recommended daily dosage of ✓vitamin A
✓11% percent vitamin B6 and other B ✓vitamins
✓7% potassium
✓4% magnesium
✓9% copper
✓9% healthy fiber


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