Test weight of Different Crops

To calculate the test weight of different crops regularly becomes difficult. So – With an intention to help all the students and aspirations who are given government exams, we have listed test weight of different crops in a single article. This article can surely help you to revise and remember the test weight of crops very fast. Before, we directly go on knowing test weight of different Crops, It is important to know what actually is test weight and seed index of crops.

What Is Test Weight Of Crops?

Test weight is the weight of 1000 seeds of crops. It is difficult to measure the weight of single seed in case of small grain crops like rice, wheat, Mustard. So – There is development of the concept called test weight. Test weight of crops gives the idea about the different parameters of seeds which ultimately relates to the production of that crop. Whenever someone says the weight of some crop is 20g, That means, It is the test weight (Weight Of 1000 Seeds) of that crop.

The seeds having more test weight has more value and seeds having less test weight has less value.

Use: Test Weight Of Crop gives the information about the grain quality and measure of bulk density of grain i.e If there is proper grain fill or not. There are standard test weight for different crops which are obtained by the different experiments. If the test weight of the seeds produced by you is less than standard value, then – That seed isn’t good for further production. This decrease in test weight may be due to environmental or genetic effect.

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What Is Seed Index Of Crops?

Seed index is the weight of 100 seeds of crops. Seed index is generally used for bold seeds such as Rajma, Pea, Maize etc. They are a bit large in size. So – The weight of 100 seeds can be analysed to get proper data.

Here, In this article – We have listed the test weight of different crops. All the test weight listed are expressed in grams.

Crop NameTest Weight Of Crops
Wheat40 g
Basmati rice21 g
Rice20 g
Maize (Seed Index)280 g
Oat35-40 g
Barley35-40 g
Finger Millet1-4.5 g
Pearl Millet5-7 g
Grain Sorghum25-30 g
Chickpea140-259 g
Pigeon Pea70-75 g
Cowpea80-100 g
Blackgram36-49 g
Greengram34-36 g
Horsegram25-41 g
Lentil17-38 g
Mustard3-5 g
Groundnut200-250 g
Sunflower40-50 g
Castor10-150 g
Safflower10 g
Linseed10 g
Sesame2.85-4.06 g
Nigar3-5 g
Tobacco0.05-0.12 g
Cotton (Seed Index)7-10 g
Pea100 g
Onion2.5-4 g
Brinjal4-5 g
Radish8-12 g
Tomato3-4 g
Cucumber27-33 g


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Final Verdict

Thus – These are the some test weight of different crops which are important from the exam point of view. We hope this article has helped to understand the concept of test weight and seed weight of different crops.

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