Arali Poo Flower

Arali Poo flower also known as Oleander in english is a small shrub flower of sub-tropical and temperate climate. It is grown for its amazing floral beauty. The exact origin of this flower is still mysterious though it is found mostly in Mediterranean region. Arali poo flower also grows in wild. It is grown in roadside as edge plant and can be easily found in nearby nursery.

Though this flower can be grown in wide range of climate, Soil, pH, Fertilizer conditions, It do have its negative side. Arali Poo Flower is poisonous. Every part of it are deadly while consumed, Sap being more poisonous compared to flower and leaves.

Growing Of Arali Poo Flower

There are two ways of growing this flower i.e – Seed and Cuttings. Among these, Cutting is the best method as it produce blooms all round the year and the seeds becomes unnecessary energy consuming part, So – Must people cut them out. This ensures the better growths and better flower production.

While selecting site for arali flower, You must consider, it is poisonous, So – It is better not to grow around the home or in place where there is easy reach of children. If someone accidently eat flowers or leaves or any other part, it can be deadly. So – Grow it in such place where it is away from children and your pets.

Arali Poo Flower

For Growing, It is quite fast grower that requires less care. It can withstand different climatic conditions. Growing it from cutting is easy because this flower has remarkable rotting ability. They can’t withstand the temperature below 5°c as they suffer from chilling injury and frost damage at the temp.

Frequent irrigation isn’t required as this flower is fairly drought tolerant. We can irrigate only when the soil becomes dry. When there becomes less water availability, Leaves start to become yellow.

It is better to do pruning annually during autumn during which the plant remains dormat. During this period, Arali poo flower doesn’t require much irrigation and fertilizers. Though this is a shrub, It can be grown as a small tree by proper training. The height of this flower is (2-6)m.

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Other Names

As mentioned at the beginning, Arali poo flower is called Oleander in english though it has got other names like, Arali flower, Arali Poo, Nirum and Jericho ros. Arali is the Tamil name of Oleander.

The scientific name of Aralin poo flower is Nerium oleander belonging to the family Apocynoideae.


One of the unique Quality of Arali poo flower is it produce blooms all round the year. Example of these varieties are:-Petite and Mont Blanc. Different colours of funnel shaped flowers (Pink, Red, Yellow and White) bloom at end of the branches. The plant start to flower during April – October peaking during the summer month of May – June.

As the flower can’t withstand the very low temperature, It is advised to keep it indoors during winter provided that it should be kept in such place that noone can eat any part of this flower.

The leaves of this flower are leathery with lance shape arising alternatively in whorls.The colour of the leaves is dark green (Mostly) to light green. Arali poo flower with red hue is offered to goddess Durga as, Maa Durga loves red colour.

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Is Arali Poo Flower Toxic?

Yes – Arali Poo Flower a.k.a. Oleander is toxic. Every part of this flower are toxic. Even the smoke that comes from the burning of this flower debris is also toxic. Therefore, It is very necessary to be cautious of not eating it.

This plant contains different toxic elements like cardiac glycosides, saponins, digitoxigenin, oleandrin, oleondroside, nerioside and other unknown toxins which can be life taking.

Symptoms Of Poisoning

The symptoms may be less, more or severe depending upon the amount of the plant part consumed. It also depends upon the age and immunity of the person. Some of the common symptoms are:- skin rash, blurred vision, visual disturbances such as halos, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, irregular or slowed heartbeat, weakness, low blood pressure, confusion, dizziness, headache, fainting, depression, drowsiness, or lethargy.

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What To Do?

Without trying to do anything, Directly call the medical professional or you can directly go to nearby hospital.

Arali Flower Benefits

➡️ Chemicals extracted from Arali flower is used as anti-inflammatory agent.

➡️ Oleandrin and Neriodin available in this flower works as cardiac stimulant.

➡️ Oleandrin and Oleandrigenin available in this plant works as anti-cancer agent for prostate cancer. It also kills cancer cells.

➡️ It is used in the treatment of scabis.

Final Verdict

Though, Arali Poo Flower is good for beautification and landscaping, It do have some negative sides. So – It should be cultivated with proper knowledge and proper precautions. It is like beast within beauty.

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