Most of us have heard the word 3g in case of network. 3g network increases our internet speed. But-Do you know- There is a technique called 3g cutting in plants that increases our plant production in geometric ratio.


If we know the exact technique of 3g cutting, then we can increase our production in drastic and exponential way. But, if we  don’t know the right way of doing it, then our plant may die and we might lose all the production.


Wait wait!!-Don’t worry, we are here to guide you on doing 3g cutting in a proper way. The only  thing you need to do is- read this article till end without any skip.

3g Cutting

3G cutting can be defined as the scientific process applied in plants to get higher production by increasing the number of female flowers through the process of pruning and trimming the tip of first and second generation branches.

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3g here, refers three branches i.e up to 3rd generation (Tertiary) branches.


In 3g cutting-The first and second generation branches are deprived of apical dominance and are subjected to produce 3rd generation branches. This is done to increase our harvest.


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Principle Of 3g Cutting

We all know the fruit develops from female flowers. That means female flower has ultimate role in production though there is necessity of male flower also.


This means if we have more female flowers in a plant-Then we can get more fruits. Right??


So-The role of 3g cutting is to increase the number of female flowers in a plant.


Generally, In a crop the ratio of male and female flower is unequal. The number of male flowers are  more in comparison to female flowers.


After applying this cutting, the number of female flowers increase and becomes more or equal to male flowers in a crop. This will ultimately increases crop production in great ratio.


The ratio of male flower to female flower in cucurbitaceae family before and after 3g cutting is :-

1.Before 3G cutting

✓MALE : FEMALE = 14:1

2.After 3G cutting

✓Male:Female= 1:2

So, there is great increase in female flowers after applying this technique in our plants. Less number of male flowers can also pollinate large number of female flowers. Here, I have attached a result of this procedure in chilli plant.


FACT:-We can get production equivalent to 3 crops from single crop by the application of 3g cutting.


Plants Compatible For 3g Cutting

3G cutting is popular and successful in cucurbits, However- It can be done in wide variety of other crops also.

Here is the list of crops in which 3g cutting is successful:-

1.Bottle Gourd

2.Ridge Gourd





7.lady’s finger



10.Ash gourd


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Steps Of 3g Cutting

👉Step 1:-First of all, you should allow the crop to grow freely until it attains the height of (6-8)ft.

Until the height of first 5 leaves from base(ground)-you shouldn’t allow any side branch to develop from main stem.


👉Step 2:-If any side branch develops from main stem before this height-you should pinch it out. After 5 leaves-You can allow any side branches to develop from main stem.


👉Step 3:-When plant attain the height of (6-8)ft you should cut(pinch) the growing tip of main stem.The  cutting of growing tip of main stem makes apical dominance of plant very less.

The reduction of apical dominance in plant favours the development of more and more side branches(2g) from main stem.


👉Step 4:-The side branches that develops after the cutting of tip of main stem should be allowed to grow until they develops 12 leaves in them.


👉Step 5:-When the 2nd generation side branches develops 12 leaves-The growing tips of all side branches should be cut off.

Note:-The reason to cut after 12 leafs is that most of the female flowers develops up to 12 leafs.


👉Results:-When the tips of side branches are cut off-Then large number of 3rd generation side branches develops.


After some days-Flowering starts. The plant develops male flowers in 1st and 2nd generation branches but in 3rd generation branches there develops large number of female flowers.

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Final Results

As the number of female flowers in plants becomes more-The more fruits develops.

This will increase our ultimate production to great extent.


TIPS:- People who grow these types of crops in their terrace(roofs), they should check if the pollination happened or not. If there are no bees, butterflies coming then you can do artificial pollination. 

For this you, can use brush to take pollens from male flower and put them in female flowers.


Benefits Of 3g Cutting

•We can increase our production in drastic way.


•Large amount of production can be harvested at small area. This solves the problem of land scarcity.


•The quality and size of fruits will be of very high quality.


•As production increases-3g cutting helps to generate more income from small area.


Demerits Of 3g Cutting

•After the trimming of tip-The vegetative phase of plant increases and thus takes longer time to make  flower and fruit.


•This technique needs good technical knowledge otherwise it may cause loss.


•There is chance of disease and fungal infection at the part which is trimmed out. So, proper care should be done.


•Farmers often finds 3g cutting as tedious job to do.



There are some things that needs to give proper attention before doing 3g cutting in any crop.

Some of the measures are:-

•As the crop germinates, there should not be  any side branches until (5-6) leaves from ground. The reason is there is no production of female flowers in these branches.


•The main stem should be grow properly. It should attain height of (8-10) feet for 1st trimming.


•Before 5 leafed stage height, no side branches should be allowed to develop. If any branches develops, you should pinch it out. This makes base strong.


•Soil shouldn’t be dry. There should be proper moisture in soil.


•Plant should be kept in proper sunlight.


•The plant should be trimmed so that it doesn’t becomes bushy. If the plant becomes bushy, sunlight cannot enter into plant and fruits becomes small.


Final Verdict

Thus- From the whole article we have got the information that 3g cutting in plants has immense potential.

The farmers should made aware of this technique in order to increase their production and profit.

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  1. Very nicely explained article on 3G (third stage) cuttings.
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  2. I have already applied first g cutting on my chillies and it’s giving positive response. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for your very useful article. Now I want to know about survival of so many fruits and artificial pollination.

  4. We do have article on artificial pollination called Hand pollination. You can search for it. And, We will be writing articles on all fruits within some days.

  5. Thank you for the great article. Really informative. Please suggest the optimal height to cut the plants for first generation. Ideally, it is mentioned as 6 ft. I understand this for okra, but any height recommendations for chilli, tomato and gourds especially in containers.

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