Senthoora Flower

There are lots of things in this world, whose existence came merely due to some rumors or due to the use of these things as  fictional in some popular movie or song. Similar is with the case of Senthoora flower. People might know the name of this flower. But, Have you seen it in real? I guess no. You just have only heard the name of Senthoora flower and you search for it and now you are here.

I have also heard about this flower for may be couple of times. But, When i really started researching about this Senthoora flower, I was upset as no or very little information was available.

While I was researching about the Senthoora Poo flower, I saw a tweet from Mrs.Sharmini. This tweet was published in 2013 A.D. Here is also same question, Does Senthoora flower exist?. I have attached the screenshot of that tweet along with some replies on that tweet👇

Senthoora flower
Tweet On Senthoora Poo Flower

From this tweet also, It can be concluded that, Senthoora is just a made up flower that doesn’t exist in real. However, There are some people who still believe of its existence. Some even want to search the Senthoora flower images. But, It is impossible to include image of something that never existed.

While reasearching, I found a tamil movie named Senthoora Poove. This movie was released in the year 1988. This was superhit at that time. So – It might be the another reason for the name of such flower.

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