Stone Lotus Flower: Gardeners like me love to grow succulents for their eye-appealing foliage beauty. While growing these succulents, we need to be well aware of their growing requirements. If we don’t care for them properly, we may lose our plant. We don’t want that to happen, right? What if we are provided with easy to grow a small, cute and beautiful succulent plant?


Yes, My friends- Stone lotus flower is the perfect choice for those who don’t have time to care and irrigate their plant but love to grow them.


Stone lotus flower


Here, In this article of the Agricultural Guide blog, we will be discussing all about the stone lotus flower, how to grow them and what we need to do for their proper care.

Stone Lotus Flower (Introduction)

It is a small plant usually kept indoors on the study table, bars, spas, restaurant and with decor items because of its magnificent foliage beauty.


Stone lotus is said to have originated in Mexico and America. Because of its small size, It is very handy and many people kept this plant as their pet.


Stone lotus flower smells good, absorb harmful radiations, require less care, small leaves with mixed colours and has fleshy leaves. These characters make it one of the favourite flower plant of many plant lovers.


Growing Methods

It is better to grow the stone lotus flower during late winter or early spring. During summer, the plant is dormant and doesn’t grow well.


We can grow our favourite plant by using different propagation methods or from their seeds. The same process applies to the stone lotus flower. The two best methods of growing stone lotus flower plant in our home are:-


1.Leaf Cutting

Leaf Cutting is an amazing procedure of growing any succulents. This process is used by many horticulturists to grow different plants including stone lotus flower. The leaves of the stone lotus flower are fleshy. What we have to do to grow it from leaves is:- 


➡️The very first thing to do is prepare a growing medium for leaf cuttings. It is better to use cocopeat or we can also use moist soil.


➡️Take a bottle and cut it into half. Use lower half and make a drainage hole on its base.


➡️Then, Fill the bottle with moist soil or cocopeat leaving 2cm vacant from above.


➡️Now, cut the leaves of stone lotus flower from its main plant. It should be done during the evening as the transpiration rate is low and the chance of survival is more.


➡️Take the leaf Cutting and put them in soil media of the bottle. The basal part should be kept inside the soil leaving the top 2.5cm outside the soil.


➡️Water the media within every 2 days, then you will see the growth of roots within a week.


➡️Now, You can transplant these cuttings into the field. Regular watering should be done. Within a few weeks, they develop into a complete plant.


2.From Seeds

Growing stone lotus flower plant from seeds is an easy process. You just have to take some seeds and remove the hardened tip to avoid the seed dormancy. Then, Soak these seeds in water until they sprouts. When the sprouts come out, you can sow these seeds in moist soil. Regular care with proper watering should be done. After a few weeks, you will see the growth of a flower.


How To Care Stone Lotus Flower

This plant doesn’t require much care. However, there are some things you should pay attention to. Some of the caring tips are:-

  • Watering should be done in a proper amount. Too much watering can cause the rotten roots and discolouration of the plant. It is better to water twice a week.


  • There should be the proper provision of drainage by making holes at the base of the pot.


  • We shouldn’t irrigate the plant leaves. The water should be dropped directly in the soil.


  • Succulents love sunlight. You should place them in direct sunlight for (2-3) hrs per day.


  • It is better to add liquid fertilizer rich in Phosphorus and Potassium in every 20 days.


  • During summer, plant remains dormant. So, Fertilization should be stopped and lower the watering frequency.


Stone Lotus Flower Benefits

  • It is small in size. So, It is very handy to take from one place to another.


  • It is used to fill the gaps between the different decor item because of its small size.


  • Stone lotus flower comes in different colours. So, It is used for foliage beauty.


  • One of the major benefits is, Stone lotus flower plant absorbs the harmful radiation emitted by different thing like our mobile.


  • This plant has a good smell.

Final Verdict

Thus, We can say, Stone lotus flower plant is an amazing gift from mother nature. So, we must care for stone lotus flower properly.


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