Jade plant also known as Money Tree, Follar Plant, Friendship Tree or Good-luck Tree is a popular succulent grown especially in South Asia. There are so many jade plant benefits that, People in western countries are also keeping it at home. The plant has thick, evergreen leaves with star-shaped white or pink flowers. This small plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a type of Money Plant.

Jade Plant, Jade Plant Benefits
Jade Plant Benefits

Feng Shui admires this plant. Feng shui is the practice of living with nature. According to it, As the jade plant stores water in its leaves for a long time, it stores Wealth, Health, Happiness and Prosperity in one’s life.

Jade Plant Flowering

They can be bought from local nurseries. It is a low maintenance plant. If you haven’t planted a Jade Plant at home, Then – You are missing so many things.

Jade Plant Benefits

1. Symbol Of Good Fortune

Most people keep Jade plants in their homes because they bring good fortune with them. Chinese feng shui suggests, This plant has good energy activating ability and it removes negative energy from home. This plant brings happiness, prosperity, wealth and better health. To experience this change, you should bring it with hope and place it in the proper location and direction which you can learn from Jade Plant Vastu explained later in this article.

2. Maintenance Of Humidity

Proper relative humidity is important for better health and the indoor environment. The use of different heaters and ACs make the Indoors dry. Our skin also gives us scales. As the jade plant has water-storing tissue, It helps in maintaining humidity level by releasing moisture. This helps to solve many problems like, curing skin warts, itchy throat, static electricity, and allergy symptoms.

3. CO2 Consumption At Night

Oxygen is needed for better sleep and better health. At night, Photosynthesis stops which increases the concentration of CO2. But, When you keep a Jade Plant in your bedroom, It absorbs CO2 at night due to its special mechanism called CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism). This is a type of adaptation in Succulent and Desert plants that helps to preserve water loss due to evaporation in the daytime.

4. Indoor Air Purify

There are many indoor air purifier plants. If you are one, who spends much of the time indoors, Then – You should surely consider the Jade Plant. NASA suggest, Keeping these plants helps to remove toxins like Benzene, acetone, o-Xylene, p-Xylene, Trichloromethane, Toluene from the air. These are harmful if not removed and can cause different respiratory diseases and allergies.

5. Gifts

Jade Plant

It is another jade plant benefit. You can use this little cute plant as a gift for your friends, business partners and family members. They are gonna love it. It can be the best gift for those who have just shifted to a new house as it brings good fortune. Keeping this plant at home brings positive energy. It can also be used as a gift in Wedding and Marriage 

6. Jade Plant Benefits For Skin

Another benefit is, It is used in the treatment of Wart. Wart is a skin infection characterised by Rough, Skin-Coloured bumps. This disease is contagious. To treat this, the leaves of the jade plant are cut from the middle. The flesh is pasted over the wart for (2-3) days.

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7. Medicinal Benefits

Jade Plant has several medicinal benefits. Therefore, It is on the list of Feng shui plants. It is used in the treatment of Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Epilepsy and Cleansing of the intestines. Chinese people have been using this plant for centuries and are often regarded as “Healing Gem” because of its ability to heal different health problems. 

8. Ornamental Use

Jade is a beautiful Plant that can be used for beautifying and decorating purposes. They have beautiful foliage and flowers. So, Many people keep them at entrances, study tables and work cubicles. They also look great in hanging baskets. Moreover, They add focus in gardens.

9. Easy To Grow

It is another Jade Plant Benefit. This plant can be grown with minimal care. It doesn’t require much water and performs well both indoors and outdoors. Being a slow-growing plant, There is no problem with repotting. It can be easily propagated with cuttings.

10. Jade Plant Bonsai

Jade Plant Bonsai

Jade Plant is one of the excellent choices to make Bonsai. Their looks give an amazing appearance to Bonsai. They easily adapt to heavy training and pruning while making bonsai. This helps us to give the desired shape easily.

Jade Plant Disadvantages

Despite many Jade Plant Benefits, it does have some disadvantages. Some of them are:-

✓ It is poisonous to pets like dogs. When a dog eats the jade plant, it may suffer from fatigue, nausea, vomiting and loss of coordination and immediate treatment is necessary.

✓ Dropping leaves is the major problem. It is a type of coping mechanism in succulents when they are under stress.

✓ Flowering is another problem in Jade. There is little or no flowering.

✓ Too much moisture can cause root rot and leaves to fall. Drooping of leaves is an indicator of less watering. Watering should be done every one week.

✓ Insects and Mites Problem

Jade Plant Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, Jade Plants bring prosperity. People believe this plant brings wealth, good luck. Keeping this plant at the entrance of Business Office and Shops boost the growth of a business. Most Importantly, This plant attracts money like a Magnet.

According to Feng shui, Jade plant kept in different directions and locations have different benefits which are listed below:-

•East – For Family Harmony, Health, Initiation Of Projects

•Southeast – Wealth

•West – Creativity and Luck

•Northwest – Luck For Mentors, Teacher and Helpful People

•Don’t keep the Jade Plant in the Bedroom and Bathroom.


This plant is truly a beautiful indoor gem. We strongly recommend you keep this plant as it has multiple benefits. People with less time for the care of the plant can also keep it.

This is whole the information on Jade Plant Benefits.

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