Flowers That Blooms At Night

If you are looking for the best list of flowers that blooms at night, then – You are at the right place. In this article, we will be listing 15 such flowers with their pictures.

Have you ever thought of enjoying the beauty of nature under the moonlight? That beauty is impossible to explain in words. Unfortunately, with so much busyness in our life, we are getting away from nature. People have limited their circle to jobs, pubs and electronic gadgets.

Imagine, you are sitting on your Terrace. There is a full moon in the sky. The environment is peaceful. Now, a beautiful flower blooms in front of your eyes. You are observing the opening of petals and sepals of flowers. The inner joy you feel at this point shows the worth of life. You enjoy it so much that you will forget all your pains, your deadline and you will be very close to nature. Isn’t it amazing? I have experienced this miraculous time and it is one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

You have surely seen the flowers blooming in the morning and the daytime. But, You don’t have time to enjoy that because of your work. At night, you will be free from work and can enjoy the beauty of nature. So, Why not grow flowers that bloom at night?

If you also want to enjoy such a gift of nature, then – You should grow these flowers that blooms at night which are listed below with pictures:-

1. Night Blooming Jasmine/Rat Ki Rani

Flowers that blooms at night

As the name explains, this is among the flowers blooms at Night by opening its beautiful fragrant white Petals. We can grow this flower by cutting. It grows well in both partial and direct sunlight. Nowadays, Yellow varieties of this flower are also available.

2. Moon Flower

Moon Flower, Flowers That Blooms At Night

It is a vine flower producing large-sized white blooms at night. We can grow this flower by using seeds during the rainy season to get flowers in the winter season. It is better to grow them outside as they are fast-growing and cover a decent area.

3. 4 O’Clock Flower

4 O'clock Flower, Flowers That Blooms At Night

During the wilting time of other flowers, it produces blooms in the evening around 4 PM. The blooming time is just opposite to the 9 O clock flower. This flower can be found in a variety of colours like White, Pink, Yellow and Red which looks pleasant to the eyes. Sometimes, we can get the many-coloured flowers in one plant. It can be grown from seeds. Proper sunlight and regular irrigation are essential for this flower. It flowers in almost all seasons.

4. Blue Water Lily

Blue Water Lily, Flowers That Blooms At Night

It is a type of aquatic plant with many coloured petals. However, Flowers with blue colour blooms only during night time. It can be grown from seeds and root suckers. To grow this flower, you should prepare a pot with a potting mix and sow the plant in it. After that, Keep that pot with blue water lily in a larger pot containing water. This way, you can grow this flower in your home.

5. Brahma Kamalam

Brahma Kamal, Flowers That Blooms At Night

Brahma Kamalam is a flower that has great spiritual value. This flower opens only once a year during nighttime and wilts before morning. It is so rare that a crowd gathers to see this flower blooming. It is said that, if you wish anything during the blooming of this flower, your wish gets fulfilled. The flowers are large-sized, white coloured with a beautiful fragrance. This is the perfect example of the among many flowers that blooms at night.

6. Parijat

Parijat Flower Tree, Flowers That Blooms At Night

It is a large tree flower with small white blooms. We can grow this flower from seeds and cuttings. The flowers are so fragrant that anyone gets attracted to them.

7. Dragon Fruit Cactus

Dragon Fruit Flower

They are a type of fruit which is flavourful and liked by many people. The large white flowers of this plant bloom at night.

8. Tuberose/Rajnigandha

Tuberose, Flowers That Blooms At Night

Rajnigandha is a flower that blooms during the evening and has an excellent fragrance. The colour of the flower is white. It is a type of cut flower which produces flowers in the stalk.

9. Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose, Flowers That Blooms At Night

It is one among beautiful herbaceous fragrant flowers that blooms at night. Different colours of flowers are found like Red, White and Yellow. We can grow it from seeds and can be grown in both direct sunlight and partial sunlight.

10. Night Phlox

Night Phlox Flower

Night Phlox, also known as midnight candy, is a beautiful flower that blooms at Night. It is excellent to grow on the terrace. It is perennial, so – we can get flowers from multiple years. September and October are the best months for the plantation of this flower.

11. Gardenia Augusta


Gardenia is a beautiful white flower that blooms at night when the temperature is warm. The fragrance of this flower is so strong that the whole environment Smells pleasant.

12. Brugmansia

Brugmansia Flower

Brugmansia is a shrub plant with pendulous flowers. As the flowers are trumpet-shaped, it is known by another name, angel’s trumpet. It is among the flowers that blooms at night and remains intact for several days. You can get this flower with a variety in colours like- Pink, Orange and Creamy colour.

13. Chocolate Flower

Chocolate Flower

As the name suggests, the fragrance of this flower is like the scent of chocolate. It is a flower of the sunflower family and looks a bit like a sunflower but small in size. This is also one of the beautiful flowers that blooms at night. As it is hardy and drought tolerant, it can be grown easily.

14. Nottingham Catchfly

Nottingham Catchy

This flower has dainty dropping petals which were originally found in Nottingham castle. It has hairy leaves. The flower opens at night. The deep fragrance of this flower attracts many insects and moths.

15. Night Gladiolus


Night Gladiolus is one of the beautiful flowers that blooms at night and spreads a spicy scent. It produces its flowers in a spike which make it easy to use after cutting.

Final Verdict

As nature has gifted us with many such beautiful and incredible flowers, we should grow and admire them. This was the best list of 15 flowers that blooms at night. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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