Philodendron Selloum (Variegated): Care And Propagation

Philodendron Selloum Philodendron selloum or the lacy tree philodendron is a widely appreciated houseplant that attracts any and everybody in its vicinity with the help of its gorgeous and captivating leafy outlook. The strong and sturdy stems of the selloum hold beautifully patterned leaves to make an incredible addition to your botanical collection. Despite the … Read more

Alocasia Nebula: Variegated, Imperialis Care Tips

Alocasia Nebula Hello fellow gardeners, If we talk about indoor plants and not mention Alocasia, It will be an injustice. The plants of genus Alocasia are one of the most loved indoor plants, Like – Alocasia Hilo Beauty, Alocasia Pink Dragon and Alocasia Nebula. Here, In this article, we will be learning about the general … Read more

Alocasia Pink Dragon (Rare): Care And Propagation

Alocasia Pink Dragon Alocasia Pink Dragon also known as Alocasia Morocco, is a beautiful ornamental plant grown for its evergreen foliage beauty. The appearance of the leaves justifies its name, Pink Dragon as deep leaf-veins resemble a dragon scale and the petiole of the leaves are pink. The arrowhead shaped leaves are light green with … Read more

Anthurium Magnificum: All You Need To Know

Anthurium Magnificum Anthurium magnificum is one of the most eye-catching tropical plants that you will come across. Mainly, this plant belongs to Araceae family and comes with a number of other varieties that have been known to make their way to different indoor and outdoor spaces. Moreover, what’s more pleasing about this and other varieties … Read more

Dwarf Carpet Of Stars (Ruschia Nana): Pros And Cons

Dwarf Carpet Of Stars Dwarf Carpet Of Stars also known by its botanical name Ruschia Nana, it is a beautiful lawn grass native to the Western Cape Province in the Republic of South Africa, within Robertson, Renosterveld, and Barrydale Districts. The plant does best in dry regions, and in its natural habitat, you are most … Read more

Philodendron Painted Lady (Variegated) – Care And Propagation

Philodendron Painted Lady All plant lovers and gardeners agree that Philodendrons are the most loved indoor plants. However, did you know? There are 500 species of Philodendrons. Most popular Philodendron varieties include Philodendron Painted Lady and Philodendron Deja Vu, which are ideal for both indoor and outdoor decor. Today, we will explore the Philodendron Painted … Read more

Philodendron Deja Vu: Care & Propagation

Philodendron Deja vu Hello Fellow Gardener, Are you looking for a plant that doesn’t require a lot of care? You might be busy but love plants and want one, so we’ve found the perfect one for you, Philodendron Deja Vu. This plant is grown for its foliage beauty. The unique appearance of this compact, easy-to-grow … Read more

Butterfly Flower: Botany And Growing Methods

Butterfly Flower Butterfly Flower, also called Butterfly Weed or Butterfly Milkweed, is a beautiful ornamental flowering plant that is grown to beautify the garden and attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. There is nothing more beautiful than this flower, and as soon as you see it, it won’t let you stop praising all the best features … Read more

Cocopeat: Making, Advantages And Disadvantages

We always want the best substrate for our plants. Commonly used substrates by most gardeners are: Soil, Vermicompost, Peat Moss or Combination of these. However, There is a new substrate that is making its place in the heart of gardeners like me. This substrate is none other than Cocopeat. In this article, we will mainly … Read more

14 Basement Plants Requiring Low Sunlight

 Basement Plants If you ever tried growing a plant in your basement but ended up killing it, it does not mean you have a black thumb in indoor gardening. It just means you are choosing the wrong plants for the wrong place.  If you want to grow plants in your basement, you need to find … Read more