Famous Name For Different Crops

King/Queen/Famous/Alternative Name Of Agriculture Crops Crops from all Fruits, Vegetables and Cereal has given some kind of alternative and famous name that makes them easy to identify from others. These names are given on the basis of different factors such as their use, how consumes it, their appearance, their taste and comparison with another. Such…

Botanical Name Of Crops: Crop Scientific Name

Botanical Name Of Crops Sometimes it becomes very difficult to remember all the botanical name of crops. Therefore, We need it to be presented in proper tabulation form where we can have look anytime, anywhere and recall them quickly. This will make us easier to remember and clear the confusion regarding botanical name of crops….

ADBL (Krishi Bikash Bank) Level 7 Syllabus And Old Questions

ADBl / Krishi Bikash Bank Level 7 Syllabus And Old Questions In this article, we are providing the pdf files all the level 7 exams syllabus and old Loksewa Questions of ADBL which will solve all your confusion regarding the nature of questions to be faced in real exam. From time to time, Agriculture Development Bank…

Krishi Bikash Bank Lokshewa Questions(2067-2074)BS

Agricultural Development Bank Nepal all questions In this blog post, we have provided all the lokshewa aayog questions of krishi bikash bank (NADB) from the year 2067BS TO 2074BS. We have provided these question papers in pdf form. Krishi bikash bank all question You can get the pdf of all question by clicking here👉ALL QUESTIONS….