Cats are one of the most loved pets in this world. They are known for their flexible body, attractive coat and eye colour. Though there are several alluring breeds of cats, Black Cats With Blue Eyes are something different. They have the power to attract anyone with their looks. That’s why – many people want to buy this breed. However, Cats with blue eyes are rare, especially with black coat colour. Though it is rare, The information about this breed isn’t. In this article, we will learn everything about Black Cats With Blue Eyes, Breeds, Genetics And Their Price.

Black Cats With Blue Eyes

How Rare Is Black Cat With Blue Eyes?

True black cats with blue eyes are rare. Many breeds are so-called but they don’t have solid black fur colour. This is because the combination of blue eyes and black colour in cats is due to mutation. There is only one breed with solid black fur and blue eyes called Ozous. This cat was first reported in 1984 in New Mexico. This was unique as there were no cats with such a colour combination. Initially, People thought of it as some normal genetic character however later it was found that this combination is due to spontaneous mutation when a black cat with blue eyes was reported in Australia also.

During the time of its discovery, People started to breed this with other cats to make more cats with such rare combinations. But, Later – When its cause was found to be Mutation, They stopped breeding as it may cause some genetic problems in cats

Some other breeds also exhibit similar characteristics, However – They are not solid black. Some cats have a Black and White colour, some have a smoky black colour. We will discuss these breeds later in this article.

How does Blue Eye Colour develop In Cats?

All cats have blue eyes during birth. But, The blue colour gradually changes to Green or Yellow in around 6 to 7 months. The reason behind this is the number of Colour or melanin-producing cells present in the iris of the cat-eye. During birth, there are no melanocytes in the iris. The eyes are actually transparent. The blue colour in cat eyes during this age is due to the refraction of light. Later, the number of melanocytes increases and the cat’s eyes get their original colour.

However, In black cats with blue eyes, the colour remains blue because there is a lack of melanin pigment in the eye but the fur is black.

Relation Between Eye Colour And Coat Colour

Studies show that there is a relationship between coat colour and eye colour in cats. As the albinism in cats increases, the eyes will be bluer. Therefore, Blue eyes are more common in white cats. However, This concept fails in the case of Black Cats With Blue Eyes. This is because: The gene for eye colour and coat colour isn’t the same in later cases. The eye colour was due to mutation and the gene thus formed is inherited from parents with the same traits only.

How Do You Tell If A Kitten’s Eyes Will Stay Blue?

There isn’t a sure shot if the cat’s eye will remain blue forever. Generally, During birth the cat’s eyes are blue. However, In most of the cats, the eye colour changes to yellow or green within 3 months (Max). If the eye colour of your cat remains blue even after this time period, then there is a better chance of it remaining blue for a lifetime.

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Black Cats With Blue Eyes Breeds

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules

This is the only true cat breed in the world with black body colour and blue eyes. At first, this cat was discovered in 1984 and named as Cornflower. Initially, this breed wasn’t given recognition. However, When this breed’s offspring show blue eyes character, then, It was recognised by TICA as a breed in 1991. Though, Some Breeders are working on increasing their population, Ojos Azules are still difficult to find. The fur of this breed is solid black, silky and soft with a somewhat triangular head. This breed is very friendly and loves to cuddle. They are highly social and easily adapt to other pets. Ojos Azules don’t shed frequently, So – Normal routine grooming is enough.



Siamese is one of the best-looking cats with blue eyes. The fur colour isn’t solid black instead it is silver-grey. The breed originated in Thailand. They are smart, active, sociable, and affectionate. They are one of the oldest cat breeds. The problem associated with Siamese cats is that they become furious when left alone.



Balinese cats are family-friendly pets. They form strong bonds with family members. They are also known as purebred long-haired Siamese. They are intelligent, playful and love to communicate with owners. They have a seal point colour with some black patches and excellent blue eyes. They are also considered as Black Cats With Blue Eyes.



Birman cat is also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma. They have blue eyes. They are pointed and long cats that look amazing in their silky fur. They have an affectionate, friendly, gentle, and curious nature.


Himalayan cats

Himalayan cats can be considered as one of the true Black Cats With Blue Eyes. They have large and rounded bodies. They are a hybrid of Persian and Siamese cats. The fur is long, somewhat black with blue eyes.



Ragdolls are docile cats with a large bodies. They are one of the largest domestic cats. They have deep blue eyes. They are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Health Risk Associated

Some reports are saying, Cats with blue eyes have deafness and blindness. However, This is not true in the case of Black Cats With Blue Eyes. This type of problem is mainly seen in white cats. When the Cats with blue eyes and black colour contain the gene in homozygous condition, then – It can cause some health problems.

Black Cats With Blue Eyes Price

The price of Black Cats With Blue Eyes varies according to the breeds. So – We have tabulated the average price of all above-mentioned breeds in USA in table below:-

Cat Breed Price
Siamese $600-$800
Balinese $800-$1500
Birman $600-$1000
Himalayan $800-$1500
Ragdolls $1000 – $ 2000
Black Cats With Blue Eyes Price In USA


Black Cats Meaning

In some cultures, Black cats represent prosperity while in most places of the world, they are considered as the symbol of bad luck. These are just thoughts that have been passing over generations. In fact, they are lovely animals.


Black Cats With Blue Eyes are amazing creatures gifted by nature. We can keep them as pets and it is our solemn duty to care for them.

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