Dogs are most common pets. People kept dogs for various reasons. For many people dog is more than just a pet. Dog becomes our friend. We connect emotions with our pet dog over time.

Nowadays, People are keeping different improved and exotic breeds. These breeds have different types of food requirements. Breeds like Husky, German Shepherd need special attention while feeding.

The baby of the dog is called Puppy. They need good care for the better growth and development. It is our duty to know what puppies eat?. When we keep puppy in our home, it like being parents of him.

What Do Puppies Eat

When we buy puppies for first time, we don’t have knowledge about how to care  and what to feed them. If you are one of them and looking for the correct information about what do puppies eat, then – you are right place my friend.

New owners who have just bought a puppy commonly face the problem that thier dog puppy becomes sick and suffer from loose motions and vomiting.

The main reason behind this is not knowing the foods, feeding time and caring practices for their puppy.

With an intention to help all those new owners, we have written this article containing all information about What Do Puppies Eat, along with list of beneficial and harmful feeds according the age. So – Let’s the learning begin.

What Do Puppies Eat?

The food of puppies is different than adult dog. If we feed puppy with adult dog food, then it may face different digestive problems and puppy may get sick.

Here, we have listed different foods items for Puppies according to their age.

First Month Of Birth

We should fed puppies with their mothers  milk up to  1 month old age. Mothers milk contains all the nutrient, vitamins and enzymes for overall growth and development.

After 1 Month And Before 3 Month Age

During, this month we should feed puppies with cerelac. We should not give cerelac with milk. We can give cerelac by dissolving in luke warm water.

After 35 days, we should decrease amount of cerelac and add stater.

We should give stater for 3 months. You can buy these staters in market or you can also order online.The thing to remember is different breeds of dogs have different types of stater. You need to buy according to your breeds.

Other thing we can fed to puppies of this age is Curd and curd dissolved in water.

We can also give little amount of milk power dissolved in luke warm water. This milk replacement powder is especially made for puppies.

Frequency Of Feeding:- We can give cerelac for (3-4) times in a day. The time is 8am, 12 am, 4pm and 8 pm.

Tip ko:- We should buy a puppy after 1 months age.

3 Month Old Puppies Feed

After 2 months,we can add little amount of solid food like boiled eggs and boiled rice along with stater which continues to one month i.e. Up to ending of 3rd month.

After 3 Months

What Do Puppies Eat after 3 Months. Well! We can add different food items in our puppy feed. The list of which is given below:-

No. Foods
1. Curd(Do not add sugar)
2. Meat soup only
3. Flesh smashed into pieces(exclude bones)
4. Boiled eggs
5. Soyabean soaked into water
6. Tofu
7. Paneer
8. Carrots
9. Spinach
10. Brocolli
11. Zucchini
12. Peas
13. Sweet potato
14. Pumpkin
15. Apples
16. Banana
17. Kiwi
18. Watermelon
19. Strawberry
20. Rice

Note:- These foods should be given in small amount and we should gradually increase these foods as the puppy grows. 

Also, we should check the conditions of puppies stool to know its health condition.

Precautions While Feeding Dogs Puppies

•Fruits seeds should be removed especially Apple seeds.

•All the vegetables should be boiled.

•Tofu and Paneer should be given in small quantity.

•Chicken, eggs and fish should be given boiling. Fried items should be avoided.

•Raw meat should not be given as they contains different bacterias.

•Slaty, Spicy and oily  food should not be given to puppies.

•Onion, garlic, ginger should be avoided.
Chocolates should be avoided.

•Sugar should be avoided as it can cause diabetes in dog.

Final Verdict

Thus, this is the whole information on What Do Puppies Eat. We have included all the useful and harmful feeds. Hope this article solved your all doubts.

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