Japanese Spitz

If you are looking for a small, wooly, cute dog with whom you can play a lot, then what can be the best other than Japanese Spitz. Nepali People are keeping this dog breed in home for many years. It is one of the most loved dog in Nepal. If you are new owner also, This dog can be a perfect choice. They are good companion for anyone. Before going directly into the Japanese Spitz Price In Nepal, Let’s gather some information about this dog breed.

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Japanese Spitz Price In Nepal

Other Names Nihon Spittsu

Origin Japan
Breed Type Companion Dogs
Nature Friendly, Protective, Courageous, Smart
Kids Friendly Yes
Colours Snow White
Height (10-16) inches
Weight 4.5 – 11 Kg
Lifespan 12 -16 years
AKC Ranking (Popularity) Not Recognised By AKC
Climate Can Live In Wide Climatic Conditions
Military Use No
Shedding (2-3) Times A Year
Space Can Live In Apartment
Guard No Guarding But Good Watch Dog
Temperament Playful, Smart, and Loyal
Exercise Requirement Daily Exercise, Walking and Playing is necessary. 
Alternative Breeds Husky, German Shepherd, Pug
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Japanese Spitz Price In Nepal

The price of a Japanese Spitz dog in Nepal differs according to location, seller and gender. However, the price of this breed is lower and affordable in comparison to other breeds.

Price In Nepal Rs.5000(F)-7000 (M)
Price In India INR.4000
Price In USA $200
Price Of Japanese Spitz

Facts About Japanese Spitz

•Developed in Japan during 1930s. They were originally developed from German Dog by crossing with different other breeds.

•They aren’t recognised by AKC because of  their similarity with another American Eskimo dog. They are almost indistinguishable.

•They have only snow white colour fur with twinkle on eyes and cute face. Fur is water and dust repellent.

•They don’t like being alone and becomes socialise easily.

•They are easy to train because they are intelligent and obedient. They are Playful and Energetic.

•They have high tendency to bark especially when they see strangers. That’s why, they also work as watch dog.

Japanese Spitz Images

Japanese Spitz Price In Nepal

Japanese Spitz Price In Nepal

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