Pug Dog

Pug Dog is one of the favourite among Nepali People. If you want a small dog that plays with your kids, then – Pug is perfect for you. It is the cutest dog. During 16th century, East India Company transport this dog from China to Netherlands from where it gets distributed all over the globe.

Pug Price In Nepal

Other Names Chinese Pug, Dutchpull Dog, Mops hunt
Origin China
Breed Type Companion Dogs
Nature Friendly
Kids Friendly Yes
Colours Fawn, Black
Height (10-13) inches
Weight 6 – 8 Kg
Lifespan 12 -15 years
AKC Ranking (Popularity) 29th Out Of 195
Climate Moderate Climate, (15-21)° Celsius, Can’t Tolerant Cold And Hot Climate.
Military Use No
Shedding Frequent
Space Can Live In Apartment
Guard No Guarding
Temperament Charming, Mischievous, Loving, Curious, Playful
Exercise Requirement Daily Exercise, Walking is necessary. If there is no exercise, they becomes fat.
Alternative Breeds Husky, German Shepherd
Pug Dog Information

Pug Price In Nepal

Pug is a affordable dog. We have included the pug Price In Nepal along with its price in India and USA so that you could get some comparison.

Price In Nepal Rs.20,000
Price In India INR.15,000
Price In USA $500
Pug Price In Nepal

Facts About Pug

•Originally it was breed in China for royal family.

•They are one of the oldest dog in World originated in China during

•They are also called clowns of the canine world because they have great sense of humour.

•Their eyes and nose can have a problem due to their unique face structure.

•Training pug is hard.

•They love eating and sleeping.

Pug Images

Pug Dog


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