German Shepherd 

If you are looking for German Shepherd Price In Nepal, Then – We are here guide you my friend. Out of many dog breeds available in market, German Shepherd is most popular in Nepal. The reasons behind this are: a) It has attractive apperance best suited for home guarding b) German Shepherd Price in Nepal is affordable. These dogs really gets attached to family members and become protective of them. GSD is good for first time owner only if you can train this breed properly from the age of puppy. They have wide wedge shaped head, erect ears and long descendint tail. The body is covered with thick double layered hairs which makes it beautiful in appearance. This dog doesn’t like being alone. It loves to play. Let’s gather some information about German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Price In Nepal, German Shepherd Dog Price In Nepal
German Shepherd Price In Nepal
Other Names Berger Allemand Deutscher Schäferhund
Origin  Germany (1899)
Breed Type  Herding Dog
Nature  Friendly, Loyal And Intelligent
Kids Friendly  Yes
Colours Black, Black and Cream, Black and Red, Black and Silver, Black and Tan, Blue, Gray, Sliver, Sable, White
Height  24-26 Inches (Male) And 22-24 Inches (Female)
Weight  29 – 41 Kg (Male) and 22-32 Kg(Female)
Lifespan  10 to 14 years
Food Requirement  
AKC Ranking (Popularity)  3rd In Entire World
Climate  Wide Range Of Climate, Can’t Tolerant Too Hot Climate But Good For Cold Climate, Best Temperature Is 15°C
Military Use Extensively Used In Military
Shedding  Frequent
Guard Suitable For Guarding Home
Temperament  Smart, Confident, Courageous
Exercise Requirement  Daily Exercise Is Needed
Alternative Breeds Husky
German Shepherd Information

German Shepherd Price In Nepal

German shepherd is affordable dog found in Nepal. Therefore, You can see it in every next house. We have included shepherd price in Nepal along with its price in India and USA so that you could get some comparison idea also.

Price In Nepal Rs.18,000 For Female And Rs.30,000 For Male [Approximate Price]
Price In India INR.15,000 to INR 40,000 [Approximate Price]
Price In USA $800 [Approximate Price]
Price Of German Shepherd

Facts About German Shepherd

•It is also known as German Shepherd Dog (GSD). It is the only breed which has dog in its name. This is done to clear the confusion between German Shepherd (Man Herding The Sheep) and GSD.

•It is second most registered dog in USA(3.5 Million)

•The bite pressure of this breed is 328 Pounds which can easily break the bones.

•This breed was extensively used in World War.

•The smelling capacity of this dog is remarkable (4the Among All Dog Breeds).

•Rin Tin Tin is a popular German Shepherd that has acted in number of Hollywood movies.

•It is 3rd most intelligent breed in the world.

•The founder dog of German Shepherd is named, Hektor.

German Shepherd Images

German Shepherd, German Shepherd Price In Nepal

German Shepherd Puppy

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