Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a family friendly dog. They are one of the most preferred dog breed because they are extremely cute and beautiful. They are listed in top 3 dogs in America.  It is a medium sized dog breed. This dog has been used in one popular bollywood movie called Entertainment. They are extremely social. They are best for new owners. There are three types of Golden Retriever namely, British Type, Canadian Type and American Type. Before knowing the Golden Retriever Price In Nepal, Let’s know some information about this breed.

Golden Retriever Price In Nepal
Golden Retriever Price In Nepal
Origin Scotland
Breed Type Sporting Dog
Nature Very Friendly, Loyal, Intelligent, Obedient, Calm, Versatile
Kids Friendly Yes
Colours Cream, Light Golden, Dark Golden, Golden
Height (21-24) Inches
Weight (55 – 75) pounds
Lifespan (10–12) years
AKC Ranking (Popularity)  4th
Climate  60-80 ° F Temp
Military Use  Less Use ( Used To Find Smugglers Due To It’s Excellent Smelling Capacity)
Shedding Frequent (Seasonal Shedding)
Space  Apartment Friendly
Guard  Not Suitable For Guarding
Temperament Intelligent, Friendly, Reliable, Kind, Trustworthy, Confident
Exercise Requirement 3 hours exercise daily including walking and playing swimming
Alternative Breeds Husky, German Shepherd
German Shepherd Information

Golden Retriever Price In Nepal

Price In Nepal Rs.45000 – 70000
Price In India INR.35000 – 40000
Price In USA $1000 – $3500
Price Of Golden Retriever

Facts About Golden Retriever

•They have super smell sense due to which they are used to track smugglers.

•Golden retriever are excellent swimmers. They have water repellent double coat.

•They have double coat of golden hair.

•They love to be around others. If you are one that leaves their dog for much they then – this breed isn’t for you.

•Golden Retriever used for Hunting, Trekking and as a Therapist dog.

•It has name in Guiness Book Of World Records. Charlie for Loudest Bark (113.1 Decibel) and Oggy for keeping 5 Regular Size Tennis Ball Inside Mouth At Once.

•If you train it properly, it can do small chores of home.

Images Of Golden Retriever

Now, As you know the Golden Retriever Price In Nepal, Let’s have a look at some of the images, so that, You could get an idea of what type of dog you are getting with that price.

Golden Retriever Price In Nepal
Golden Retriever Price In Nepal

Golden Retriever Puppies, Golden Retriever Price In Nepal

Pros And Cons Of Golden Retriever

Knowing the Golden Retriever Price In Nepal isn’t enough, If you get a pet at cheap price, that doesn’t mean, you should buy it. There are so many other things to look at. So – To make your decision easy, we have listed the pros and cons of Golden Retriever that you should know before buying it:-


➡️They Are Family Friendly Dogs. They Don’t Disturb Anyone. They Are Suitable For Small Children.

➡️They Are Intelligent And Helps You To Do Small Works.

➡️They Look Beautiful And Attractive.

➡️They Adjust In Small Size Home Also.

➡️They Don’t Get Sick Frequently.



➡️The Price Is Pretty High.

➡️The Hairfall Of Golden Retrievers Is High Which May Be Irritating For Someone.

➡️They Need Highly Nutritious And Calcium Rich Food. The Feeding Cost Is High.

➡️They Don’t Like To Be Alone. So – It Isn’t Suitable For A Single Person.

➡️Regular Check-up Is Necessary.


This is whole information on Golden Retriever Price In Nepal along with some facts, Pros and Cons.

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