Labrador Dog

Labrador Price In Nepal is affordable. So – Many people are keeping it in their home. This breed is friendly family dog and can socialise easily. This dog is best for first time dog owners as it is very obedient. If you have kids in your home, then – this dog is good to choose. They are one of the most preferred dog in the World. They are large sized dog which can be a great companion for anyone. Before going on knowing the Labrador Price In Nepal, Let’s gather some information about this breed.

Labrador Price In Nepal
Labrador Price In Nepal
Other Names Lab Dog
Origin England
Breed Type Sporting Dogs
Nature Very Friendly, 
Kids Friendly Yes
Colours Chocolate, Black, and Yellow
Height 21-24 Inches
Weight 24-36 Kilograms
Lifespan  10-14 Years
AKC Ranking (Popularity) 1 Out Of 195
Climate Moderate Climate, (15-25)°C
Military Use Used By Police
Shedding Frequent
Space Can Live In Apartment
Guard Not Suitable For Guarding
Temperament Friendly, Active, Outgoing
Exercise Requirement Walking, Running, Swimming And Playing Daily
Alternative Breeds Husky, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever
Labrador Dog Information

Labrador Price In Nepal

Labrador Price In Nepal differs according to places and the store you buy from. However, We have listed the average price along with price of this dog breed in India and USA so that you could get a comparison.

Price In Nepal Rs.25,000
Price In India INR.15,000
Price In USA $500
Price Of Labrador

Facts About Labrador

•They are good swimmers. They have water resistant double coat hairs and webbed feet.

•They are most popular dog breed in USA and India

•Labradors are also used in Fishing.

•They are good runners and are known for their sprinting ability.

•This dog was also elected meyor of one state in California.

•They are excellent guide dog and has good smelling capacity.

•They socialise easily and they don’t like being alone.

Images Of Labrador


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