Pomeranian Dog Price In India

Are you looking for some cute and small dog breed whom you want your babies to play with, then- what can be the best than a Pomeranian. Many other popular dog breeds like German Shepherd, Golden retriever, Husky are large in size. Many people find it expensive to keep these dog breeds as pets.

Pomeranian Dog Price In India
Pomeranian Dog Price In India


Today in this article we will be diving into the details of the perfect dog breed which can be bought and reared at minimum cost i.e Pomeranian. Pomeranian dog price in India vary considerably among different cities and sellers. There are also cases where some breeders sell other dog breeds, saying them as Pomeranian at a very high price.  So – To help you out we have tried to include authentic pomeranian dog prices in India in 2022. Before we directly dive into the price, let’s gather some information about this beautiful dog breed from the table below:-

 Origin Northern Poland and Germany
 Breed Type  Toy Type, Spitz
 Nature  Outgoing, Playful and Friendly
 Kids Friendly  Yes

Black, Red, Blue Cream gold, Yellow fawn, White

 Height  6-7 Inches
 Weight  3-7 Pounds
 Lifespan  12-16 Years
 AKC Ranking (Popularity) 23
 Climate Cool Climate
Shedding Frequent
Space Requirement Apartment Friendly
Guard/Watch Type Watch Dog
Exercise Requirement Medium
Alternative Breeds Japanese Spitz
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Pomeranian Dog Price In India

The trend of buying exotic dog breeds is increasing. With this increasing trend and fashion, People pay more than the original price. So – To help you from being scammed, Here, We have listed the Pomeranian dog price in India among different cities.

The Pomeranian dog price in India depends on 3 factors:-

➡️Where do you buy from? – Large Cities (Expensive) or Small Cities (Cheap).

➡️Whom you are buying from? – Breeders, Pet Shops, Puppy Mills 

✓Breeders provide the pure quality breed and have maintained the pedigree. They have given vaccination and have maintained the proper diet, So – They charge more, around INR. 10,000 to INR. 15000

✓Pet Shops and Puppy Mills don’t maintain quality, Don’t care about the vaccination and food. So – They sell the dog at less price, around INR. 4,000 – 8,000

➡️Which puppy are you buying? – Pet Quality (Cheap) or Show Quality (Expensive). The price for pet quality Pomeranian is INR. 10,000 – 15, 000 while for show quality the price is more than INR. 20,000

However, The price table below contains the average price of Pomeranian in different cities.

 Delhi  10,000
 Mumbai  10,000
 Chennai  9,500
 Kolkata  9,500
 Banglore  9,500
Ahmedabad 9,500
Hyderabad 9,500
Surat 7,500
Pune 7,500
Lucknow 7,500
Indore 7,500
Bhopal 7,500
Patna 7,500
Ghaziabad 7,500
Ludhiana 7,500
Nashik 7,500
Allahabad 7,500
Ranchi 7,500
Chandigarh 7,500
Gurgaon 7,500
Noida 7,500
Pomeranian Dog Price In India


Pocket Dog Price In India

Pocket Dog Price In India
Pocket Dog Price In India

Miniature Pomeranian are also called Pocket Dogs because they literally fit in your pocket. They are small sized Pomeranian which can cost anywhere between INR. 16000 for male and INR. 11000 for female puppies while the adult one can costs from INR. 25000 to INR. 75000. Pocket dogs are small in size, So – they are easy to care. They looks cute and furry. This the pocket Dog Price In India. Now that we have learnt about the Pomeranian Dog Price In India, Let’s talk about its expenses.

Expenses/Rearing Cost For Pomeranian

Now that we have learned about the Pomeranian dog price in India, Let’s check on the rearing cost of this dog breed. Though pomeranian doesn’t require much cost like other large dog breeds, it does have some expenses which are listed below:- 

✓Vaccination Cost + Vet – INR. 2000 Per 2 Months

✓Feeding Cost For Pomeranian – INR. 1500 – 2500/Month

✓Deworming Cost  – INR. 100/Month

✓Shampoo, Brushes, First Aid – INR. 1500/Month

Diet Plan For Pomeranian

The health, growth rate and lifespan of Pomeranians depend upon the quality and quantity of feed that is given to them. Try to buy a dog at least a month old. For the first month, try to feed as much as mother’s milk. Mother milk is a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and antibodies.

•For 1 To 3 Months

Cerelac is good for this age. The cerelac can be mixed with lukewarm water. We can also give a milk replacer. Home food and Market food should be avoided.

•3 To 4 Months

Fruits and Starter dog food can be given to this dog breed. You can also give rice, boiled vegetables and Bread. Overfeed should be avoided. You can also give curd.

•4 To 6 Months

Home food can be added. Bread, Rice can be given. Spicy, Sweet, Sour food should be completely avoided. Boiled eggs can be given along with some exercise. After 6 months, Well-cooked meat can also be given.

•1 To 12 Years

Adult dog food can be given. Multivitamins should be given. 

Until now we have learned the Pomeranian dog price in India along with its characteristics, rearing cost and feeding cost. Now – Let’s assemble some information about the advantages and disadvantages of this dog breed.

Advantages Of Pomeranian

It is one of the cheap dog breeds available in the market.

Being a small dog breed, Pomeranians can live easily within a small space.

It is an intelligent dog breed, so it can be trained easily.

If you travel a lot and want a dog that loves to travel then Pomeranian is the dog for you.

Disadvantages Of Pomeranian

Though they are small dog breeds, they don’t think they are small and weak. They are always ready to fight with other dog breeds. They sometimes become aggressive.

Their barking sound is sharp and loud which can disturb your neighbour.

 Pomeranians have breathing problems.

They don’t like to be alone. It likes whenever people are around it.

Is Pomeranian dog breed for a first-time dog owner?

Yes – Pomeranian is perfect for a first-time dog owner as you can handle it easily with less care. They are friendly dogs. Even if you have less money, Pomeranian is good to go.

They don’t like hot climates. They love cool environments. So – They lie on marble during summer. It is crucial to socialize this dog breed otherwise it can sometimes bite the owner also. This breed needs regular grooming.

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Pomeranian price in India

Pomeranian Dog Price In India


This is whole information on Pomeranian Dog Price In India along with its characteristics, Rearing Cost, Feeding, Advantages and Disadvantages.