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People of Nepal are fond of keeping Dog pets. In this 21st century, It has become trend. Earlier, People used to prefer local breeds. Nowadays, Exotic breeds with excellent body appearance are found in every next house. Some breeds are: Husky, German Shepherd, Pocket Dog. Learn about Parrot Feed

Husky Price In Nepal
Husky Price In Nepal

Among these, Husky is getting more popular day by day in Nepali society. But, The Husky Price in Nepal is too high that it is like dream for most of the middle class people. Before learning the price of Husky Dog, let’s gather some information about this breed:

Other Names Syberian Husky
Origin Syberia
Breed Type Working Dogs
Nature Energetic & friendly in nature
Kids Friendly Yes
Colour White, Saddleback, Sable, Agouti, Light Red, Copper, Silver & White, Wolf Grey, Black & WhiteGrey
Height 20-24 inches
Weight (20-28) KG (Male), (15.8- 22.6) KG (Female)
Lifespan 12 – 15 years
Food Requirement Too much feeding should be avoided
AKC Ranking (Popularity) 16
Climate Can live in extremely cold and Can’t tolerate heat
Military Use Use (Search and Rescue)
Shedding Frequent
Space Needs Ample Space (At Least 3 Room)
Guard Not Suitable For Guarding Home
Temperament Mischievous, Loyal, Outgoing, Alert
Exercise Requirement Morning And Evening Walk, Playing Is Good
Alternative Breeds German Shepherd
Husky Dog Information

Husky Price In Nepal

If you are planning to buy Husky, then it will be better if you allocate handsome money.

Country Price
Nepal Rs.1,00,000 (approximately)
India INR.70,000 (approximately)
USA $1000 (approximately)
Price Of Husky

Facts About Husky

•Husky is one of the oldest dog in the world. They were originally raised by Sukshi tribe and were used to pull sledge in snow.

•They intelligent, friendly , obedient and loyal dog.

•They resembles wolf in appearance.

•Husky has two hair coats. Inner coat hairs are short and helps to keep the body warm while outer coat hairs are long and water resistant.

•The eyes of this breed are blue in colour. One interesting thing is, This dog can have two colours in two eyes (Blue+Grey).

•It shouldn’t be left alone in home.

•They are born to run. They have good stamina for long journeys.

•They love snow. So, They can be easily kept at lower temperature climate.

Siberian Husky Images

Husky Eyes, Husky Price In Nepal


Siberian Husky In Snow

Husky Puppies

Husky Puppies

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