Alocasia Pink Dragon

Alocasia Pink Dragon also known as Alocasia Morocco, is a beautiful ornamental plant grown for its evergreen foliage beauty. The appearance of the leaves justifies its name, Pink Dragon as deep leaf-veins resemble a dragon scale and the petiole of the leaves are pink. The arrowhead shaped leaves are light green with white/silver veins and burgundy underside.The leaves are broad, large(50cm), glossy and slightly curved inwards. Being evergreen, this alocasia will never run out of its beautiful foliage which makes it a perfect indoor plant to keep at focal point. The stems arise from its bulbs. Each pink stem bears a single leaf at the apex. Though it is mainly grown for its beautiful leaves, Pink flowers bloom as the spring and summer commence. These flowers later produce seeds which can be used to grow new plants.

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon Alocasia is a perennial plant meaning, you don’t have to regrow it every year. Once planted, It will be there spreading its beauty for many years to come. However, Repotting is essential every 2 years. You can easily propagate it to get new plants. It is a tropical and subtropical plant that originated in South Pacific islands and philippines. At present, it is distributed worldwide as a most loved indoor plant. However, it is rare and difficult to get one. This plant performs well both indoors and outdoors. It is a medium sized plant that thrives well in small spaces also. The plant grows to the height of 1.2 metres and width of 80 cm. This makes it a perfect indoor plant. This alocasia can be grown in Bedroom, Kitchen, Balcony, Courtyards, Ladder Steps, Terrace, and Windows. One thing to take care of is, It should be protected from direct sunlight as it loves bright indirect sunlight.

Despite these many preferable characters, there are some negative aspects of this plant. It is toxic to both humans and pets. It can cause Skin rashes, eye irritation and swelling of mouth, tongue if ingested. This plant is similar to its other plants like Alocasia Hilo Beauty.

Botanical Classification


Alocasia Pink Dragon care

It is an easy to care and low maintenance plant. However, there are some basic things you should know to get the best results:-


Deep, friable sandy loam soil is considered ideal for this plant. It loves moisture. The soil mix should be well drainable otherwise it may cause root rot. The soil mix can be prepared as:-

Garden Soil : Vermicompost/FYM : Perlite = 50% : 25% : 25%

You can also add peat moss and coco peat in the potting mix for better results.


In nature it grows under the big trees. So – Bright filtered sunlight is ideal. Direct sunlight (in the outdoors) can cause leaf burn and its beauty fades away. It performs well in artificial lights which makes it well adapted for indoors. If you wish to keep it on windows, Then – west facing window is the best location.


The temperature range of (18-27) degree centigrade is ideal. Being a tropical plant, It can withstand high temperatures more than low temperatures. Therefore – This plant should be kept indoors during winter. It shouldn’t be kept under direct sunlight as it may cause sunburn.


Being a tropical plant, alocasia pink dragon loves moisture. Watering should be done when the top 2-3 inches of soil becomes dry. The soil should be moist but not soggy. There should be the proper provision of drainage. It should be ensured that the drainage hole isn’t blocked, otherwise the water stagnation occurs which may cause root rot. Watering should be done more frequently during summer than winter.


Pink dragon alocasia requires less fertiliser in comparison to other varieties. Organic fertiliser like FYM or vermicompost should be added during soil mix preparation. Additional fertiliser should be applied during the peak growing season i.e During spring and summer.


As a tropical plant, Pink Dragon loves a humid environment. The humidity of 60% is ideal. It can also be kept in the bathroom due to its humidity loving nature. You can use a humidifier to maintain the humid environment around the plant. However, It should be taken care that excess moisture in leaves can cause fungal attack.

Potting And Repotting

As a perennial, This plant can be grown for many years. So – Repotting is essential. It can be done every 1.5 years when the plant goes in root bound condition. While repotting, The new pot should be slightly larger than the original pot.

Alocasia Pink Dragon Propagation

Propagation of Pink Dragon Alocasia is easy. The best method is by clump/Bulb separation. The steps are listed below:-

  • Select a healthy and disease free parent plant.
  • Uproot it along with its clump
  • Remove the soil and now separate the clump which is pretty easy.
  • Now – Plant each clump in a separate pot containing proper soil mix and cover it with soil.
  • Thoroughly water the soil mix. Place the pot under the filtered sunlight.

You can see them sprouting within a few weeks. This way you can propagate the alocasia pink.


You can buy this alocasia from a local nursery or you can also order it online. The price is usually (15-20)$.


  • Being slow growing, It is a low maintenance plant.
  • It is well adapted to indoor conditions.
  • Requires less space.


  • It has toxic effects.
  • Flowers aren’t large and attractive.

Is Alocasia Pink Dragon Rare?

Yes, It is a rare variety of alocasia genus. It is mainly found in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Alocasia Pink Dragon Dying

Among many problems, drying and subsequently dying of Pink Dragon is a common problem. It is mainly due to overwatering but temperature stress can also be a reason.


Alocasia pink dragon is a beautiful indoor plant that anyone can grow with less care. It is also perfect for a first time plant grower. Therefore, we recommend you to grow this plant and beautify your home. 

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