Kalyos Fruit

Kalyos fruit commonly known as streblus asper in English is a tropical, evergreen tree that is especially found in the wild though some people are starting to grow it at commercial level. Kalyos is a monoecious plant meaning the male and female flowers are in same plant though some dioecious varieties are also reported. It is a medium tall plant reaching up to the height of 15m. This plant is distributed to dry regions in Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines.

Kalyos Fruit Tree

This tree is known by various other names in different regions of the world. Some common names are:- Siamese rough bush, khoi, serut, snay, kesinai, Bar-inka, Berrikka, Rudi, Sheora, toothbrush and sandpaper tree. The reason for calling it a Sandpaper tree is that it can be used as a replacement of sandpaper.The leaves of this plant are rough and are used in cleaning of utensils, smoothing of rough materials. The tamil name  of tree streblus asper is Piray.

Kaylos produce a fruit during the month of April to May which is botanically a drupe. Drupe is a fruit that has a fleshy base. The fruit colour changes to yellow or orange when it gets ripe. Ovoid shaped fruit measuring 8-10 cm have a sweet taste. The dark green leaves of this tree are shaped like a Pointed egg which is about 3-7cm long and 3-5 cm wide.

Kalyos Tree Bonsai

This tree is perfect material to make Bonsai. Bonsai is an art of creating miniature(Small) plants which are the exact copy of that plant in nature. There are certain procedures and principles that you need to know during bonsai making. Some of the photos of Kalyos bonsai are:-

Kalyos Fruit Tree Bonsai
Kalyos Fruit Tree Bonsai
Kalyos Fruit Tree Bonsai
Kalyos Fruit Tree Bonsai

Kalyos Fruit Tree Uses

➡️Used to make paper. The interesting fact is that the bark of this tree was so widely used to make writing papers that most of the ancient Buddhists books from Thailand are written on the papers made from this tree. The books are called khoi books and the tree is also known as khoi tree.

➡️The bark extracted from Kalyos tree has different uses because of its different qualities like Non-Flammable and It is resistant to mold, insects etc.

➡️Kalyos fruit tree has got many medicinal importance. It is used in the treatment of different diseases like:- Filariasis, Leprosy, Toothache, Diarrhea, Dysentery and even Cancer.

➡️It is used in treatment of oral and nasopharyngeal infections.

➡️Protease enzymes found in this tree work as milk freezing enzymes.

➡️In ancient times, the Kalyos fruit tree was extensively used as a toothbrush so called toothbrush tree.

➡️It is an excellent choice to make Bonsai.

Final Verdict

Kalyos is truly a multi-purpose plant that has a direct link to our ancient society. This tree is popular in the Philippines. It is our duty to protect this plant and understand its importance in our daily life.

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