60 Examples Of Monocot And Dicot Plants

Examples Of Monocot And Dicot Plants:- Plants are the precious gift of mother nature for al the l living beings. They are source of life. Some of the plants produce flower and some doesn’t. Some falls to lower class during classification while some are included in higher class. Most accepted system of classification has separated the higher plants into Angiosperm and Gymnosperm. Angiosperms are those plants that produce flower and whose seed is covered or inside the fruit while Gymnosperms are those plants that do not produce flower and whose seeds aren’t covered or they are naked. This division of plants is based in different nature, botany and morphology of plants.


Angiosperms are one of the most diverse plant group in this world. Angiosperms alone contains 2 lakh and 60 thousands plants. Among angiosperms, Plants are further classified as Monocots and Dicots. This classification is based on the number of cotyledons present in seeds embryo. As the name suggests, Monocot means single cotyledon and Dicot means two cotyledon. Cotyledon can be understood as the central portion of seed to which the radicle and epicotyl are attached. You can easily differentiate monocots and Dicots with the help of their seeds. Take a seed, If it can be separated into two parts like in Pea, then – It is dicot and If it can’t be separated into two parts like I’m rice, then – it is monocot. While germinating, Moncot plants produce single leaf whereas Dicot plants produce two leaves as shown the image below:-


Though this is very centre point of classification, These two groups of plants shows different other variations and differences while they grow. The different mainly in Roots, Stem, Leaves and Flowers. To make the confusion clear, we have listed the major differences between Monocots and Dicots.

  • Leaves of Monocots have parallel venation while the leaves of Dicots have reticulate venation. Eg:- Maize ( Parallel Venation) and (Reticulate Venation)


  • If leaves doesn’t have stalk, then – Plant is monocot. This type of leaf is called sessile leaf. In this type, Leaf is directly attached to the stem of plant andIf the leaves contains stalk i.e Petiole, then – Plant is a dicot. Eg:- Maize (No Stalk) and (Have Stalk)


  • Roots of Dicot has tap root system while monocot plants has fibrous root system. Eg:- Maize (Fibrous Root) and (Tap Root)


  • Stem of monocot plants are weak and thin with no or few branches while dicot has strong and large diameter stem. This difference is due to presence of secondary growth in Dicots.


  • Monocot plants has petals in multiple of three like 3,6,9… while Dicot plants has petals in multiple of 4 or 5.


Sometimes, We search for the example of Monocot and Dicot plants. We can’t remember all the names all the time. So – A list of these plants have been provided in this article, 30 Monocots and 30 Dicots. This will make easier to recall our study within short time. So – Without any delay, Let’s go on the examples of Monocot and Dicot plants.


Examples Of Monocot And Dicot plants

Under our study of 60 examples of Monocot and Dicot Plants, we will study them by dividing into 30 Monocot examples and 30 Dicot examples:-


30 Examples Of Monocot Plants

✳️Aloe vera

Examples Of Monocot And Dicot Plants

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with fleshy leaves. This plant has got many immense health benefits.


Bamboo: Monocot Plant


Bamboo is evergreen plant and it is one of the prominent example of Monocot plant. It grows very tall. This plant is also called as miracle plant because of its diverse use in making uncountable materials. It is used from construction to vegetable.


Banana: Monocot Plant

Banana is common fruit that most of us have seen and tasted. It is grown for its fruit. It is a tropical fruit.


Barley: Monocot Plant

Barley is considered as underutilized crop in many places in the world because of its less cultivation. It has immense nutritional benefits. Barley also improves the soil fertility and structure.


Coconut: Monocot Plant Example

Coconut is a fruit in which every part has use. It falls under palm tree. The fruit of coconut is used as raw fruit, milk, water and oil.


Callas: Monocot Plant Example

Callas is a type of lily. This plant produces amazing flowers of different colours especially yellow. It is one of the easy to grow flower preferred by many gardeners.


Daffodil: Monocot Plant Example

Daffodil is Hardy perennial flower with six petals and trumpet shaped central corona. It has been recognised as the national flower of Wales and charity symbol for cancer.

✳️Date Palm

Date Palm: Monocot Plant Example

Date palm is one of the commercially successful palm. It is grown for its sweet fruit which can be consumed both fresh and in dried form. It is also a best example of Monocot plant. This plant is grown in arid and semi-arid region.


✳️Dwarf Daylily

Dwarf Daylily: Monocot Plant Example

Dwarf daylily known by its other names, grassleaf lily and small daylily is a plant producing beautiful yellow flowers. They are of small height that goes up to 2ft. They can be easily grown in pots and hanging baskets.



Garlic: Monocot Plant Example

Garlic is a species that is the inseparable ingredient of our kitchen. It is added in every vegetable. Garlic has so many health benefits that you may wonder if you get to know them all. Garlic can be grown in wide range of climate. Garlic is also a best example of monocot as you can’t separate it into two cotyledons.

✳️Gossamer GrassGossamer Grass: Monocot Plant Example


Gossamer is grown for its attractive foliage beauty. It is native to New Zealand. It is known by other names like:- Bent and Pheasant’s tail.


Iris: Monocot Plant Example

Iris is truely a remarkable flower which can be found in wide range of colours. This flower has always secure it’s position in every gardeners garden.



Jowar: Monocot Plant Example

Jower known by its another name Sorghum is a popular pseudo-cereal. It is use as alternative to make flour. It is gluten-free. Though, It is native to Africa, It is cultivated in different parts of the world because of its amazing nutritional benefits.


✳️Knights Lily

Knight Lily: Monocot Plant Example

It is also called Poor knight lily being endemic to Poor Knights Islands near Tutukaka, and from Hen, New Zealand. They are easy growing flower/plant that you can grow in both land and pots.



Lilies: Monocot Plant Example

Lilies are well known flowers admired by many great peoples in this world. They look amazingly beautiful. You can grow them in both garden and pots. They symbolise purity and fertility.



Maize: Monocot Plant Example

Maize is a cereal crop which is grown after before rice plantation. This is second most important crop in the world. Maize has multiple use. The grains of maize are processed to different form. It can be eaten raw, grilled, boiled or by making different other items like bread and chapatis. Now the concept of Baby corn is also developing very fast.




Mango is most loved fruit in the world. It is known as king of fruits. Mango also falls under Monocots. It produces fruits during June/July. The sweet taste with beautiful aroma of this fruit attracts everyone.


Orchids are largest family among flowers. They are called mimicking plants cause their flowers mimicks the shape of different animals and birds. They are wonderous among the flowers. They can be grown in wide range of soil and climate as large variety of orchids are found easily.


Have you give a thought that Onion is also a monocot plant. Onion is one of the most popular species used in the world. It can be used while making variety of items.


Pineapple is also a tasty fruit which is great to have in summer. It is commercially cultivated due to it high market value.

✳️Red Tussock

Red Tussock commonly known as red tussock grass is grown for its foliage beauty. It is a evergreen grass with red tinted leaves. It is found especially in New Zealand.


Rice is another perfect and common example of Monocot plant. Rice is a water plant grown during rainy season for its grain. It is the staple food of more than half a population in the world. Rice is 3rd most produced crop in world after wheat (First) and Maize (Second).


Snowdrop also known as Galanthus is a bulbous perennial herbaceous plant producing beautiful looking white bell-shaped flowers. They are regarded as first sign of spring.


Sugarcane is a tall Perennial grass of Monocot group. It is an example of cash crop. It is commercially cultivated for the sugar production at factory level.


Tulip is not a single flower. It is a genus containing large number of red, pink, white and yellow flowers which are eye catchy. The forms a beautiful looking landscape. Tulips are the symbol of love, a deep love. They can grown in home garden. They are naturally found in wild.


Wheat is considered as top most important crop in the world. It is number one in terms of production. Wheat is consumed by billions of people out there.

30 Examples Of Dicot Plants


Have you ever thought, a Tomato that you use regularly is a dicot plant? Tomato is a multi-use vegetable that is preferred by billions of people. It can be eaten in raw, cooked or roasted form.

✳️Lady Finger

Lady finger is another popular vegetable. It is commonly known as Okra. The green pod seed of okra are rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Fiber.


Brinjal also known as Eggplant is used in several cusine. It is also a example of Dicot plant. It is purple in colour and widely consumed all around the world.


Mulberry is a small sweet fruit that changes it colour from green to red and ultimately to balck during ripening. Silkworm larvae used in production of silk for cotton production also feeds on its leaves.


Lentil is a popular winter season herbaceous annual legume. It is mostly consumed as split-pluse. It is self-pollinating crop. It is high with saponin content which reduces cholesterol and cardiac diseases. Lentil is one of the perfect example of Dicot plant.


Neem is a natural herb. It has lots of health benefits. The leaves, barks and seeds of Neem tree are used to cure different diseases.


Blackberry is one of the tastiest fruit of rose family. It is also an example of Dicot plant.

✳️Oak Tree

Oak is a group of hardwood trees. The plant produces large number of light green leaves.


Daisy is one of the most beautiful looking flower that can be easily grown from seeds. The flower consist of 15 to 30 white rays with bright yellow disk at centre.


Beans are the great example of Dicot plant. Their seed can be easily divided into two parts containing two cotyledons.


Papaya is a fruit and plantation crop. It is a tree of medium height. It is a tropical fruit grown all over the world. The flesh of papaya is yellow to red when it ripes. It is one of the commercially grown fruit.


No-one has unknown of the beautiful Rose. It is one of the best flower and known as king of flowers. There are different varieties of rose but mostly H-T and Floribunda are grown.


Sunflower is a other beautiful flower which is grown for aesthetic as well as commercial purpose. We can extract oil from sunflower seeds. The flower is large, it turns towards the direction of sun. Many bees found sunflower as a source of nectar.


Avocado is another tastiest fruit. It has lots of health benefits. It is known by other names such as Butter fruit and alligator pear.


Oliver is a herbaceous Perennial plant. It is also a dicot plant.


Jasmine is a genus containing about 200 flowering species. It looks elegant and attractive when it blooms. People are fond of beautiful fragrance that comes from the Jasmine Plant.


All legumes are Dicots. Legume are rich source of Nutrients and daily food of billions of people all around the world.


Poppies are the flowering plant. It is one of the most preferred flower to be grown in garden. It makes beautiful landscape. They are all, annual, biennial and Perennial.


Hazal is a genus of decidious tree that falls under dicot plants.


Plums are fruits that can be eaten raw or when they ripe. They are jucy and are commonly known as Aloo-Bakhada in india. They are stone fruit.


Almonds are seeds of Almond tree. They can be eaten raw, fried or you can also drink almond milk. Amond has got immense health benefits. They are be eaten by Vegetarian as a source of protein.


Guava is another example of Dicot plant. It is a tropical fruit which remains green during unripe stage and later changes its colour to yellow when it ripes. It contains seeds from inside.


Radish is an edible root of a Vegetable. Different varieties of radish are available. They are mainly consumed as salad.


Cactus is also a dicot plant. It is a desert plant with thrones in fleshy Leaves.

Final Verdict

Thus – These were the 60 examples of Monocot and dicot plants.

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